Arpana Vidyarthi


Arpana Vidyarthi is an MBA, Entrepreneur, author and the co-founder of SCIS Global, pune based IT recuitment company. She has authored a Book named “Wing Your Business

She has been awarded “the most promising Entrepreneur under 40” under IT recruitment category.

Arpana Vidyarthi has a rich and diverse experience, spanning over a decade, ranging from being an HR professional with numerous companies across India to co-founding couple of companies besides SCIS Global.

She was born on 8th June 1987 to a humble parents. Her father was the proponent of female education and gender equality, an attribute which she imbibed and inherited.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, she has been engaged in philanthropic and benevolent work for the benefit of differently abled human beings. She has been involved in charitable work through couple of NGOs as the “living with gratitude “is her mantra.

She is the president of SOUL Education Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to improve the standard of education in the field of science through building research Laboratory

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