Archana R Kumar


Archana R Kumar is an entrepreneur and the founder of SCIS Global. She has a diversified experience of 7 years in IT Recruitment, different stages of IT Recruiting, and a perfect understanding of patterns of social relationships and culture surrounding a Candidate’s life. Predominantly, as an investigative individual, she is excellent at guiding candidates based on their qualities.

As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, Archana is very comfortable easing her role as a Guide & successfully helping candidates in onboarding various IT companies as a right fit.
She is widely perceived as a specialist IT Recruitment professional & a true Advisor to aspiring IT professionals.
She has also co-authored the Amazon best-seller book ”Wing Your Business.”
She is an active member of the SOUL Education Foundation, an NGO for the better education of children.

We are an IT Recruitment Consultancy. SCIS is a leading talent matchmaker that helps businesses by hiring the right tech talent for their IT needs

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